Local fire station needing help after ice collapsed

GRUBBS, AR (KAIT)- The Grubbs Fire Department needs help rebuilding their station. The fire station roof fell in Wednesday because of the weight of the ice.

Chief Danny Davis said money from the insurance company will only make a small dent so he is hoping their fundraiser next weekend will make up the difference.

"All donations are appreciated because we are going to need some help," said Fire Chief Danny Davis. "It's a small community, we don't have the income coming in, we're limited."

Davis said he was at home when he got the call that the roof of the fire station had collapsed.

"We had two brand new fire trucks pretty much, one is a 2010 and one is a 2012," he said. "As you can see our building is a total loss."

Grubbs firefighters along with volunteers from the community sorted through the rubble to free their supplies and trucks.

"Minor damage on our trucks, we were so glad that we just have minor damage so we can still use them," Davis said.

He said he's waiting to hear back from the insurance company but he doubts they will have enough money.

"To replace this building, I bet we don't even have a third of what it's going to take," Davis said.

Davis said they recently cut their ISO rating in half and was working on getting new equipment.

"That was a big step for us to get it going from a 9 to a 4," he said.

This station was built in 1984 and Davis says he plans to rebuild at the same location. In the meantime, the mayor allowed the fire department to move into the old school bus shop.

"We have a very strong community, we have good firefighters," Davis said.

Next weekend the fire department will put on their annual Fish Fry fundraiser to raise money for the new station.

"We're really hoping for a good turn out this year because of this now," he said.

The Grubbs Fire Department is made up of volunteers and operates solely on grants, fund raisers and donations.

The fish fry will take place on March 15th from 11:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the Grubbs cafeteria at the old school. The event will also feature a bake sale and a raffle.

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