WBC, ASU ROTC partnership comes to WBC campus

WALNUT RIDGE, AR (KAIT)-Williams Baptist College will now allow students interested in theWilliams-Arkansas State University ROTC partnership, to take classes on WBC'scampus.

Williams Baptist VicePresident of Academic Affairs, Dr. Kenneth Startup said this opportunity tohave classes on

WBC's campus will be muchmore convenient for students who are a part of the program.

"Students would have to go toJonesboro to take the classes, so perhaps that was a bit of an impediment,"saidStartup. "This initiative will be much more convenient for students toparticipate."

Although, ASU's ROTCprogram was almost removed last year, Startup is confident the program willbenefit both ASU and WBC students for years to come.

"The renewal of the ROTCprogram at ASU is going to be a part of their long term vision for theuniversity," said Startup. "We feel very good and confident that this will bean ongoing opportunity for our students."

They're hoping this newopportunity will interest future students.

"Those who were in high schoolROTC programs and they want to continue that, then we think there's a realpoint of connection for those students to attend Williams Baptist," saidStartup.

All courses will be taughtby ASU's ROTC faculty on WBC's campus.

"We found that the ROTCleadership at ASU was extremely enthusiastic to reaching out to our students onour campus," said Startup. "We have great confidence with their leadership inthis program."

Courses will be available beginning of thefall semester of 2014.

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