A Better Region 8: Hello, I'm Chris Conroy

A Better Region 8 : Hello, I'm Chris Conroy

Hello Region 8, my name is Chris Conroy, and I'm the new Vice President and General Manager of KAIT.  First off, I would like to thank my longtime friend Tracey Rogers for all she's done for Region 8 and the KAIT family. We certainly wish her well in her new role at WMC in Memphis.

One of the things that Tracey told me was how wonderful you are.  The people, the quality of life and the educational opportunities in Region 8 are fantastic. My wife, my children and I are honored to become a part of this great community.

When it comes to making this a better Region 8, we need you.  We want to hear your ideas, what you believe is working, and what you think needs to be improved.  This is our chance to work together and make this A Better Region 8.