Pothole problems popping up after winter storm

POINSETT COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - The remnants of our last winter storm have finally melted away, but they left behind another headache for drivers: potholes.

Walter McMillan with the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department said crews are out on pothole patrol, patching up and repairing problem spots.

McMillan said the biggest problem areas are bridges.

"I'm scared I'm going to fall in," Lepanto resident Dove Moore said.

Moore drives on Highway 118 in Tyronza every day.

"The roads need fixing," Moore said. "The bridges are terrible. They tear your cars up. If you drive over 10 mph, you're going to tear your car up."

Moore said other roads are just as bad.

"This 140 bridge in Lepanto going both ways toward Osceola and Marked Tree," Moore said. "They're rough. If you don't watch it, you'll end up having a wreck, a bad wreck because the holes are so deep. It's pathetic. It doesn't make sense. I don't get what they're doing. Why don't they fix the roads?"

Crews were patching up potholes on the 140 bridge Friday, but they have not touched 118 yet.

Drivers said most roads in the area need more attention.

"It's really rough, especially on the tires," Tyronza resident Gay Cline said. "You have to go real slow and it's still rough."

"You can feel it in the car," Jonesboro resident Fredrick Duckett said. "You feel a little drop when it hits."

The potholes on Highway 118 got the best of Moore's car.

"My car's out of line," Moore said. "It knocks it out of line when you drive on it."

Local auto shops said realigning a car costs about $60 to $70.

"I've never had this problem before, but I'll get it fixed and hope they fix the bridges," Moore said.

McMillan said the department does not have an exact number for the cost of road repairs this winter, but it will definitely be more expensive than last year.

To report problem spots in your area, contact your county's highway department headquarters.

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