8 Investigates: Craighead County collects tax money

JONESBORO, AR  (KAIT) – More than $11,000 was collected Friday in personal property taxes, according to Craighead County Collector Marsha Phillips.

After a Region 8 News investigation revealed several people owed a combined $2-million dollars in delinquent taxes, Phillips said more people came in to pay their taxes than normal. She said usually, the county only collects $4,000 per day.

As of this report, the county collected $11,529.09 in personal property taxes Friday. Since March 1, the county has collected $87,477.77.

Among those who paid on Friday is Kristi Malzahn, who paid more than $687.57. Malzahn moved to Auburn with her husband, Gus Malzahn, who coached the Arkansas State Red Wolves for one year, before becoming head coach of the Auburn Tigers.

Since the list of delinquent taxes came out in February, the county has collected $897,898 in personal property taxes.

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