Tough time for teen job market

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The job market isn't picking up for everyone. According to, the job market for teens has plummeted to 26 percent. That's down from nearly 50 percent a decade ago.

"I do have friends that can't find a job and they've been applying to places," said Newks employee Karlie Medine.

Medine said she came across a few obstacles looking to land her first job. Some that might be playing a part in why the teen unemployment rate has risen.

"I wasn't old enough for some places," said Medine. "I noticed that a lot of places in the mall you had to be 18 or older."

During his job search, Newks employee, Michel Cale said he noticed quite a bit of adults filling those part time positions at places like movie theatres and other restaurants. However, he said working alongside his adult counterparts has helped him learn a lot about good work ethic and responsibility.

"They're there to help all the time," said Cale.

Newks Owner, Wade Quinn said it's important to give teens the chance.

"I think it's exciting to give the opportunity to someone who wants to work," said Quinn. "We've been really blessed to get some great kids working from us since the start."

Both teens agreed that this first job is a stepping stone to their future careers.

"I would feel confident and feel more experienced going into it," said Medine.

"It will show that I've worked before and that I know how to work," said Cale.

The article states that last month the employment-to-population ratio for teens was stuck at nearly 26 percent. That percentage is much lower than in 2008 and 2009 during the recession.

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