Social work students partner with organizations for awareness

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A group of students at ASU are springing into action to make sure residents in North Jonesboro are aware of health care and other services in the area.

Seniors with the Social Work Program have partnered with ASU Care and multiple businesses to host the community event "Spring into Action" in April.

ASU Care has been located in North Jonesboro for four years.

"So many of the residents there have limited access in getting to the doctor and just physically getting places," Director of ASU Care, Dr. Brad Holloway told Region 8 News giving residents access to that information is vital.

"Having all that type of information, whether it be the wellness checks, any type of assistance they might need, referrals to any other types of sources, whatever kind of health services it might be or mental health services or any kind of issues, certainly right there at their fingertips is always a plus for them," Dr. Holloway said.

Though ASU Care holds health fairs every fall, a group of Senior Social Work students want to expand on that.

Dr. Patricia Halls teaches the group of students. She explained that while the project is for class, it's the first time the students have organized something like this.

"This project is kind of two-fold," Dr. Halls said. "We want to make the residents aware of services that are in Jonesboro by bringing organizations and agencies to them rather than having them to go to them."

Dr. Halls said the second part of the event is to make it fun.

"So that we can get the children involved as well."

Not only will free health screenings be taking place, there will be giveaways, certificates and food as well.

Though the event will be family oriented and informational to residents, it will also be informational for students and ASU Care.

Dr. Halls explained that information gathered at the event about needs and changes North Jonesboro residents hope to see in their area will be given to ASU Care.

"So that they can utilize that information to bring about changes to that community," Dr. Halls said.

"The actual getting out there and with the people in the community and delivering on some of those needs and working directly with them is really what it's all about," Dr. Holloway said.

The event will take place on April 5 from 9am to 2pm on Marshall Street in Jonesboro.

Students will be in the community passing out fliers on the event a few days prior to April 5.

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