JPD: Man within his rights to shoot dog

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – Jonesboro police say a man was within his rights to shoot and kill a dog that ran up to him.

The shooting happened around 2:45 p.m. Saturday in the 4800-block of Lonoke Lane.

According to the initial police report, a woman was playing with the 3-year-old Labrador retriever when the 22-year-old man accused of shooting the dog pulled into his grandparent's driveway.

The man told police his miniature dachshund was on a leash when the lab ran up "growling, barking and showing its teeth to his dog."

The man said the lab "lunged" toward his dog and he "jerked his dog back by the leash to keep the Labrador from attacking his dog."

At that time, the man told officers he pulled his pistol from his pants and shot the dog once.

According to the report, the dog was shot once in the middle of its back.

Officer Aaron Morphis obtained statements from all of the parties involved.

The woman, who was playing with the lab, reportedly confirmed much of the man's story.

She reportedly said when the man got out of his car with his dog on the leash, the lab "began barking and ran across the street to his dog."

The woman claimed the dog was barking when she went to retrieve it.

At that time, she told police the man pulled a pistol from his pocket and shot the Labrador.

After speaking with all involved, Morphis stated he informed the Labrador's owner about the city's leash law.

According to Morphis, the man who shot the dog has a valid concealed carry license.

After receiving numerous emails and phone calls from concerned citizens, Region 8 News contacted the Jonesboro Police Department regarding the incident.

Sgt. Doug Formon, public information officer for the department, said the man was within his rights to shoot the dog.

"If a dog runs up, and you fear for your life, you can shoot it," Formon said.

We then contacted the city attorney's office.

Carol Duncan, assistant city attorney, confirmed the ordinance prohibiting dogs running at large which states, "No person owning, possessing or keeping a dog shall allow the same to run at large within the city. Certified police canines being utilized by law enforcement personnel in a valid law enforcement function or incident are exempted from the provisions of this section."

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