City Council passes resolutions to help Miracle League of Jonesboro

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Miracle League of Jonesboro is several steps closer to completing their new baseball diamond.

On Tuesday, the Jonesboro City Council passed several resolutions at their meeting. The resolutions passed would allow contractors to supply materials for the project without bidding.

"With what little money we have, it's very difficult to do a competitive bidding on that because you'll have to go out and search everybody and ask, 'Are you willing to give us this? Are you willing to give us that?'," said Mayor Harold Perrin.

The mayor said the resolutions make it easier to get the best prices for the project.

"That was the reason we had that tonight (Tuesday) to get it current- if we want to make sure we do good accounting on this for every dime, every penny that is spent on this project."

Construction has already begun on the field.

Mayor Perrin said he would like see the field ready by September 2014.

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