Neighbors, witness and family react to shooting death of dog


JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A dog shot and killed within the city limits has stirred up a firestorm of controversy. The shooter, within his rights, faces no charges.

Neighbors, family and the witness to the incident question the morality of the shooting and warn others to keep their dogs leashed.

Neighbors along Lonoke Lane react to a shooting that left a 3-year-old black lab named Kyra dead.

"Sounds crazy to me," Mark Stephen Towell told Region 8 News. Towell was walking his two dogs Beau and Baby Tuesday afternoon in the area that the lab was shot and killed over the weekend.

Towell said the shooter's reaction might not have been the best option, but it's hard to pass judgement.

"You never know what you'd do unless you're confronted with such a thing," he said.

Region 8 News obtained a Jonesboro Police report and spoke with the witness to the shooting about what happened Saturday afternoon.

The witness tells us she and her seven year old son were playing fetch with their neighbor's dog Kyra in their front yard.

The police report states a man then pulled in across the street and got out with his miniature dachshund, that was on a leash, when Kyra ran over "growling, barking and showing it's teeth." The man told police Kyra "lunged" at his dog and after pulling on his dog's leash, he pulled a pistol from his pocket and shot Kyra once in the middle of her back.

"There's no good outcome no matter how you look at it," Sgt. Doug Formon with Jonesboro Police told Region 8 News.

Formon said from a police standpoint, no crime was committed, as the shooter was on family owned property, has a concealed carry license and said he felt threatened.

"Was it the right choice, morally? Not sure," Formon said. "But legally, right now we just can't see anything right now where we could charge him."

We spoke with the witness off camera who said shooting Kyra, especially in front of her 7-year-old was not the best option.

She wants Jonesboro residents to be aware that legally, citizens in Jonesboro "are authorized to kill any dangerous animal of any kind when it is necessary for the protection of any person or property." That, according to Jonesboro records regarding Animals and Fowl within the city.

Region 8 News also spoke with Kyra's family members who said they would have felt differently about the situation had the shooter shown remorse about shooting Kyra.

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