Over 50,000 Estimated To Attend 2004 BeanFest And Championship Outhouse Races

October 30, 2004--Posted at 8:30 p.m. CDT

MOUNTAIN VIEW-- This crowd knows what they want, and luckily for them their in the right place.

Mountain View comes alive each year for the BeanFest, and this year is certainly no exemption.

The bean cook off is a tradition treasured by the cookers who prepare the beans with a lot of TLC.

"It takes all the right ingredients, and a good attitude,"said one bean cooker.

One of the biggest attractions at the Bean Fest is the notorious racing of the outhouses.

Hours upon hours are spent fine tuning these speed machines in a race where anything can happen.

Folks say they enjoy watching the outhouse races because it is entertainment you definitely don't see on a daily basis.

Outhouse owners say the time they spend with family and friends makes the whole experience worth while whether or not they win or lose.