HPV vaccine still a concern for doctors and parents

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - TheHuman Papillomavirus Vaccine has received a lot of attention over concerns withthe Gardasil vaccine.

However, Dr. CharlesCesare with NEA Baptist said it is safe. In fact, he highly recommends it toboth girls and boys ages 9 to 26.

There is an estimated 15,0000cases of HPV related cancer in the United States annually affecting both menand women. Cesare said side effects include allergic reactions, stomach painsand things of that nature, but he believes the pros outweigh the cons.

"It protects four types ofthe virus that account for up to 75 percent of cervical cancer and 95 percentof genital warts,"

The vaccine is given inthree phases over a period of months. Although, it targets young women, it isalso recommended to young men.

"It prevents disease inthe male from the Human Papillomavirus," said Cesare. "There are 7,000 cases ofHPV related illness in males annually in the United States."

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