March Teacher of the Month: Ms. Kerie Blevins

LYNN, AR (KAIT)- Ms. Kerie Blevins from Hillcrest Elementary School has been selected as the March Teacher of the Month.

Blevins grew up in Strawberry and attended the same school where she is now teaching.  She said she didn't choose teaching as a career, it chose her.

"There were lots of times I wanted to change my major but I never found anything that was worth the stress I went through more so than teaching," she said.

Blevins teaches fourth grade Math and Science and said she has learned a lot in her first year teaching.

"There are so many different learning styles that I've learned you cant always do it in the same way," Blevins said. "Structure is very important, having a routine is important so if I find something that works with this particular group, may not work next year but I know to use it, and use it and use it."

Even though it's her first year teaching, Blevins has been in the teaching role for most of her life. She started teaching Sunday School in the 9th grade and later began substitute teaching.

Blevins said the hardest group to reach is the students performing at a higher level.

"To challenge them to make sure I'm challenging them while also helping the lower level keep up."

Blevins said she never wants her students to settle for just getting the right answer.

"The confidence to ask why, don't just settle for the answer is A, because that's the right answer," she said.

Blevins said she has learned the importance of patience when it comes to seeing results. She said it's been her dream to be the Region 8 Teacher of the Month.

"I'm not so sure I deserve that but I was very honored and I teared up.I wonder if I will ever get to be that teacher because I've seen and I always said I want to be that teacher," she said.

Blevins attended Arkansas State University and said her goal during her first year is to figure out what works and to come up with other ways she can better reach her students.

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