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Shannon Johnson Reports

Region 8 Church Participates in Children's Sabbath

October 31, 2004 - Posted at 5:18 p.m. CST

Harrisburg, AR -- Thousands of religious congregations across the nation are holding "Children's Sabbaths" this month. Endorsed by more than 200 denominations and religious organizations. The event encourages a long-term commitment to help make the world a better place for children.

First United Methodist Church in Harrisburg, Arkansas took part in the event this year. Last Sunday the congregation received devotional books that lead them through the process of how to be alert to the needs of kids. This Sunday's service focused on the needs of children.

"We've got to go from worship and get out into the community. That way we can be on the lookout for children with needs," said Associate Pastor, Jane Steinegger.

Youngsters also performed songs in front of the congregation.

"It was fun and a little embarrassing," said Jacob Sullinger, who performed on Sunday.

Even though Jacob may have been bashful during his performance, he admits it was a boost to his self-confidence.

First United members pass smiles around the community every Wednesday. That's "Kids Club" day. Members pick up kids up at school, bring them to church, feed them, play games, and read bible stories. Half of the kids who show up aren't even members, but the program goes on.

"We are to look out for the needs of all children and look for opportunities for all of them. That way they can care for each other," said Steinegger.

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