Lawrence Co. stations running low on diesel

PORTIA, AR (KAIT)- Two Portia gas stations are in need of diesel fuel.

The owners of both businesses said they have been low of diesel for the past few weeks.

"It's just an inconvenience; we have a lot of farmers around here who fill up daily," said Jamie Jones, the manager of Citgo in Portia. "We're missing out on the business and it's an inconvenience for them because we're not the only gas station have diesel issues."

Jones said they go without diesel for nearly two days at a time.

"I do get it a lot more than other people, I think it's because I'm closer to the terminal but I know lots of stores that have been out for quite a while," she said.

And a mile down the road, Robert's Service Center said their diesel supply will soon run out.

"The last time I ordered was Saturday which was a week ago, we couldn't get no diesel or regular gasoline either and they said it was just due to the fact that the terminals weren't turning it a loose right then, didn't have it to turn loose," said owner, Robert Shelton.

He said he fills up every two weeks and about 10 percent of his customers stop by to fill up on diesel.

"It's mostly farmers and city workers and such as that," he said.

Shelton said he called the distribution company Thursday to see when they will be back.

"They said that they did not have any at the terminal and they didn't know when they would get it but they would let me know when they could," he said.

And over at Citgo, Jones got the same response.

"She basically just tells us that they're out at the terminal and we can't get any in," she said.

Shelton said he has been in business for 36 years and has noticed a drastic change in diesel supply over the years.

"With gas 30 years ago we could get it any time we ordered it today we never know if we're going to get it or not," he said."The fact is when just can't get it, when we order it we don't know if we're going to get it or not."

We reached out to the supervisor over petroleum products with the Bureau of Standards but did not get a call back.

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