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Clowney visits former teammates at USC spring football practice


NFL prospect Jadeveon Clowney visited his former University of South Carolina teammates at spring football practice Thursday. 

Clowney attended the workout and mingled with teammates and fans at the Gamecocks' practice facility on Bluff Road. The defensive end says he has continued to work out while waiting to find out who will select him in the NFL Draft next month.

When asked what he thinks the least enjoyable part of the draft process, Clowney said, the media.

"That is it, you just said it, the media," he said. "Not you guys I'm talking to, but what they be saying on TV, so just dealing with the criticism.  That's probably the least enjoyable part but the work part...I love working out."

And Clowney said he's enjoying having some time to himself.

"I ain't gotta' go to class no more, so I wake up and go to work out. Have fun and work out, just come back and chill. Down time, do what I want to do so it's a lot better right now."

The spring weather finally was warm enough for head football coach Steve Spurrier to move the Gamecocks spring practice outdoors Thursday. Spurrier moved the team's first two spring workouts indoors because of cold and rainy conditions.

The Gamecocks return to the practice fieldstwo more times this week, first at 4:15 p.m. on Friday and 10 a.m. Saturday. Both practices are open to thepublic.

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