Power restored to Westside Schools and Bono

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Power and phone lines have been restored to Bono and West Side Schools.

The power came back on around noon at Bono and Westside High School.

Entergy shut off power to the town and school for about two hours to repair a downed power pole.

According to Jonesboro police, a semi was backing up in a lot near Dan Ave. just past the Highway 63 bypass when the pole was hit.

No injuries have been reported in the incident.

Superintendent Bryan Duffie said the outage did not affect the Westside School District very much.

"Lunch was already ready so kids were taken care of in the cafeteria," Duffie said. "A few classes were relocated temporarily and classes went on as normal. The only impact on the other campuses was computer access and our phone system. If something's [outages] going to be a lot longer, then we talk about early dismissal or notifying parents, especially if it affects the whole campus."

However, the power outage affected Bono residents. Most of the local businesses shut down while the power was out.

Many customers went to Kelley's IGA to shop, only to find it was closed.

"Until it comes back on, we're stuck," Bono resident Christy Cook said. "It's horrible because, I mean, like I said, this is our main stop. It's the only grocery store we have. To get anything, we come here. We're small here so this is it. It's all we have."

"This store is very busy," Bono resident Jeff Oleson said. "I can see how power being out would affect them. You just gotta do what you can without power. I was getting ready to get a shower and power's out so gotta wait."

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