A Better Region 8: Jobs for Teens

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What was your first job? My first job was hauling doors and cabinets around a construction site in Destin Florida as a teenager. I learned a lot about hard work and what it meant to earn my own money. But I also learned some quality life lessons like responsibility, leadership, and teamwork.

This week we reported on the tough time teenagers have  finding that first job. Most jobs teens take are part-time jobs requiring little previous experience. The problem is that many of these positions are filled by experienced adults who work several part time jobs just trying to make ends meet.
There aren't enough quality full time jobs open for life experienced adults. Working several part time jobs is the only way for them to survive.

The unfortunate truth is that teenagers are denied that first opportunity to show responsibility, get experience and prove themselves.

We as business leaders need to notice this trend and find opportunities - both for teens and those with more experience. It will help today and tomorrow - making this a Better Region 8.