One mental illness could be influenced by the weather

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Has the up and down weather made your mood fluctuate as well?

Seasonal affective disorder is a mental illness commonly tied to the winter season.

It is a form of depression that is affected by the winter months.

Dr. Christopher Peters, an assistant of Psychology at Arkansas State University, said "Overall you're dealing with individuals that in the Winter, cold months when they tend to stay inside more often they tend to get more depressed you have more symptoms to major depression that others would have year round."

Dr. Peters also said, "Lack of connection to our ability to be outside and experience outdoors and as a result, potentially this Winter has been worse, and we've been stuck indoors more often"

With Spring on the way, many people around Region 8 said that they are enjoying the warmer weather and can feel a change in their mood.

Don Molder of Jonesboro said, "I love it, I love this weather.  My grandson and I came out and tried to catch a few trout here, so we're enjoying it."

Winter is starting to move out and Spring is starting to move in, and it's easy to notice that people are in good spirits because of it.

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