Crews work on community center after finding tiles with asbestos

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - TheEarl Bell Community Center said they have some major changes scheduled.

On Friday, crews were hardat work laying down new flooring. The original floor from 1936 had asbestostiles. In 2000, a rubber floor was laid over it and moisture from the concretewas unable escape.

Danny Kapales is the AssistantDirector for Parks and Recreation and said, that caused the tile to bubble upand crack.

"It's going to be a safefloor for them.  It's a beautiful facility,"said Kapales. "Like I said, it was built in 1936 and we're trying to put thisgym to where the whole community will enjoy it."

Kapales also said they believethey should be done and reopen for business sometime in May.

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