Jackson County residents concerned after several neighborhood pets die

JACKSON COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - Jackson County residents who live on or near Jackson County Road 63 are concerned after nearly a dozen of their pets have died in the last few weeks.

Heather Sides wonders if a pile of what she called "chicken litter" that was sitting in a field at the end of Jackson County Road 63 is the reason several neighborhoods dogs turned up dead.

"I guess it was about two weeks ago. I travel this road everyday going to work and from work. There was a big mound of chicken litter out here. In the pile of chicken litter you would see parts of chicken breast, feathers still intact. You would see chicken feet hanging out of the pile. There would be chicken heads hanging out of the pile. There was some parts of chicken just laying around the pile of chicken litter."

The Jackson County Sheriff's Department is investigating the deaths.

"There was an area on the ground right there at the (County Road 63) intersection where it looked like there was a large pile of urea, which is what farmers use for fertilizer," said Sheriff David Lucas.

"We did contact our local veterinarian and asked him if it was possible that if a dog drank runoff water from urea would it be possible that it could make the dog sick and kill them. He said it would be possible."

He said another possibility is someone putting out coyote poisoning.

"It's a rural area. There are a lot of coyotes out there and it's possible."

Kelly Riley lost both of her dogs two weeks ago.

"My husband called and said one of the dogs was dead in the yard and he was out looking for the other one and he found it just a few feet from our house. It was dead also," she said.

"Our other neighbor has a little poodle that stays in the house and they let him out for 15 minutes to go the bathroom and it died in her arms."

"My dog lasted three days, but my neighbors' dogs, they didn't even make it back home and died on their way home," Frankie Combs said.

"We're scared to let our animals out at night because we're scared that if they get out they're going to come back sick and die within a few days.

Sheriff Lucas said he plans to call the Arkansas Department of Health and Arkansas Game and Fish Commission for assistance in the investigation.

He encourages anyone whose pet has died to file a report with the Jackson County Sheriff's Office. The department phone number is (870) 523-5842.

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