Jonesboro CWL warns against scam targeting customers

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- Jonesboro City, Water and Light is warning customers about a scam making its way around town.

According to the company, someone is calling CWL customers saying their service will be disconnected and request some form of payment.

"We hear about this scams periodically. We heard about the most recent one last week," said Slade Mitchell, customer service supervisor.

Mitchell said they got word scammers were calling their customers about a past due balance.

"Our customer database has not been compromised, the scammers appear to be dialing phone numbers at random," he said.

The scammer asks for a credit or debit card then threatens to disconnect their service.

"We do have a process to notify our customers if their account is overdue, it's very different from what we're hearing," Mitchell said. "Our process is very different from that. Say for instance, you're account were to go past due we are going to first attempt to send you a delinquent notice by mail and on that delinquent notice will be a date where payment needs to be made."

Mitchell said they will never call and ask for an immediate payment.

"If that date was to come and go and we still don't have a payment for that account, we are going to attempt to send a pre-recorded voice message and a text message," he said.

Then the customer would still have 3 to 4 days to pay after they receive that notice.

"Be aware that this can happen, we have heard of these scams periodically it's hard to say when they're going to happen, what they are going to look like but please be informed," Mitchell told Region 8 News.

If you get one of these calls or have questions about your account, you can call CWL at 930-3300.

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