A Better Region 8: Latest Phone Scams

If a stranger came knocking at your door, promising to make you rich if you would just share your private information with them, would you let them in your home?

It seems like more people across Region 8 ARE letting these people into their homes only not through the front door, but through their telephones.  In recent weeks, Region 8 investigates exposed two troubling phone scams.

One involves scammers posing as Internal Revenue Service agents and the other posing as agents from City Water & Light.  Both the IRS AND CWL say they never call you and ask for your personal information.

If you get a suspicious phone call, report it immediately.  Region 8 Investigates will stay on top of these possible scams so that you're ready to keep them out of your home, and out of your wallet.

Region 8 has always been a trusting community, but you can't always trust who's on the other end of that call.  Share this warning with your friends and family so we can all make this a Better Region 8.