Drivers crossing the center line becoming a problem in Region 8

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - While driving down the road you may notice that some other drivers around Region 8 do not pay attention and end up crossing the center line into your lane of traffic.

It happens all too often around Region 8 and some people in the area are fed up with it.

Bob Hester of Jonesboro said, "It's frightening, I mean you just never know when the next guy is going to come along and you wonder whether he is going to plow into you or correct and go back the other direction."

Walter McMillan with the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department said he knows what brings about most of these incidents and it involves distracted driving.

McMillan said, "Being sleepy, you know talking on the phone, texting when you're not looking at the road or looking at it, drunk driving, sort of falls into that same type of category" are all things that could lead to cars crossing the center line

With all of these problems there are things that the highway departments are doing to stop these incidents from happening on four way highways with medians.

McMillan said, " On a four lane divided highway you notice a lot here lately we've put up a lot of median barrier cables and the purpose of that is to keep a car from crossing the median and getting into the opposite oncoming lane.

Walter McMillan said even though some roads now have barriers it is still important to always be alert while driving.

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