Spring brings seasonal allergies

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- Allergy season is upon us and health experts said this season could be worse than last year.

Spring pollen season peaks in late March to mid April and runs through May.

"I take allergy medication every day, it's a prescription medication, nothing over the counter works for me," said Jonesboro resident, Kathy Skinner.

And even if you don't have seasonal allergies, you probably know someone who does.

"I just make sure he has plenty of medicine and keep his allergy medicine up on him and take him to them doctor when he starts swelling up or that pollen comes down," said Leon Fletcher about his son.

You might even want to try something different.

"I use to sneeze a lot of stuff, I tried a lot of the allergy pills and shots and all that stuff and I found the natural works a lot better," said Karen Abernathy.

Angie Jones is a nurse practitioner at NEA Baptist Clinic in Paragould and said she is already seeing patients with these allergy symptoms.

"Sneezing, nasal drainage, usually a clear to yellow nasal drainage," she said. "Soar throat, ear pain usually from the inflammation and congestion."

But Jones said now is the time to start preparing for allergy season.

"The first thing I would recommend is your over the counter antihistamines," she said. "Warm saline irrigations using that to clear your nasal passages of the allergens that you breathe in during the day."

Jones said if you're running a fever for more than 10 days to two weeks, you should see a doctor immediately.

"I think it's important to get a head of it, lots of people around here have seasonal allergies  just because of where we live ," Jones said.

Health experts also recommend: check pollen counts before heading out, shut the windows and move outdoor activities to the afternoon.

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