A Look at Candidates Running for Jonesboro City Council

November 1, 2004 -- Posted 6:00 p.m. CDT

Jonesboro, AR -- There are 2 open seats on the Jonesboro City Council, Ward 4 Position 2 in South Jonesboro, and Ward 6 Position 2, the area near Airport Road.

41 year old Mitch Johnson is a candidate in Ward 4. Johnson is a self-employed electrician. He's a member of the Exchange Club, an assistant manager for the Northeast Arkansas District Fair, and a member of the Metropolitan Planning Commission.

"With my background in community service throughout the years, I've got the necessary skills as far as working with the community, as well as financial background," said Johnson.

58 year old Don Mullenix is no stranger to city politics. Mullenix served on the Jonesboro City Council from 1992-1994. Mullenix is currently the Constable in District 4 in the county. He serves as the Chief of Police in Egypt, and as a Captain with the Cash Police Department.

"One of the reasons I'm running again is to help Jonesboro get rid of the meth labs," said Mullinex. "I want to work with drug awareness programs here in the city."

52 year old Jimmy Ashley is a candidate in Ward 6. Ashley formerly worked for the Mississippi County Sheriff's Department. Back in 1980, an on the job injury left him disabled and in a wheelchair. Since then, Ashley has done volunteer work for Health South, and the former Regional Medical Center. He's also worked as a volunteer for the Jonesboro Police Department and the 911 dispatch.

"I'm involved more in the community I think more than the other 3 candidates, I've been going to the council meetings since about March," said Ashley.

54 year old David Jackson has lived in Jonesboro for the past 10 years. Over the course of 30 years, Jackson served in the Air Force, and as a traffic controller with the Federal Aviation Administration. Jackson is currently a bus driver for the Jonesboro school district.

"The job I performed was a service oriented job, I think I did the best performance that I could at that time, and I believe that I can do the same thing for the city of Jonesboro," said Jackson.

60 year old Richard Carvell is currently a Nettleton School Board member. His term is set to expire. Carvell has worked at Arkansas State University for 30 years. He's the chairman of the Radio and Television Department. Carvell is also a Vietnam Veteran, and is a member if the local group "Respect our Neighborhoods."

"I just have a deep feeling tha people ought to give something back to their community, and I hope the community will allow me to do that," said Carvell.

There are 2 other candidates running for the Jonesboro City Council: Joe Kosso for Ward 6 Position 2 and Keith Carle for Ward 4 Position 2. We were unable to get official comments from these candidates prior to the newscast.