A Better Region 8: Fair Labor Practices

Businesses operate to make a profit, and employees shouldn't work for free.  These are two ideas that came to light this week when we did a story about the Department of Labor fining the city of Bono $54,000 for not paying overtime.

City Attorney Jeff Scriber said the fines are for violating overtime wage laws with the police department.  The city now must figure out how to respond. This is an expensive lesson for the city of Bono and Mayor Billy Stephens.

The business community has to take note, follow the law, keep good records and pay your employees what you owe them. This seems very basic, but in a busy environment, we still have to follow the law.

It also makes good business sense doesn't it? Our employees ARE our foundation.  From the employee perspective, it's worth your time to investigate the laws, know your rights and don't be afraid to speak up when there's a problem.

When it comes to wage and overtime issues, it's going to take teamwork. Businesses and employees will have to work together to find what's fair for both. It will make this a better Region 8.