Monday Night Street Flooding Causes Problems in Jonesboro

November 1, 2004--Posted at 10:30 p.m. CST

JONESBORO--Heavy rainfall is wreaking havoc in parts of Jonesboro.

"Well if it rains real hard for a short period of time, it fills up this ditch, as you can see, and comes over here on us,"said Jonesboro resident Jerry Cox.

Owen Street in Jonesboro has been dealing with this flooding street all day.  Cox says this is the second time today this ditch has overflowed.

"There's nothing you can do, just hope it doesn't get inside your house. If it comes a real hard rain, you might as well get ready,"said Cox.

Brent Rosendahl lives on Owen Street as well.

He deals with the same situation each time heavy rain falls.

"It's kind of hard to sleep at night when you know it's going to rain because you know you might have to move your vehicle to higher ground or something," said Rosendahl.

Several hours of heavy rainfall has caused many city streets in Jonesboro to flood.

Water so high in fact, it has caused several motorists to drive off the road.

Race Street and the surrounding streets are dealing with several inches of standing water.

It's impossible to tell how quickly the water is moving over the road, causing some drivers to lose control of their vehicles.

Authorities urge drivers to take caution when they meet high water, and avoid driving through flooded streets, especially if they are uncertain of the water's depth.