Animals rescued from hoarding couple in Kennett

KENNETT, MO (KAIT) - The Kennett Humane Department rescued more than a dozen dogs that had not been outside their home in five years.

"There was probably a quarter of an inch of straight feces, just like if you took a spatula and spread it across the whole kitchen floor. The cabinets were covered in it. The kitchen counter was covered in it," said Humane Officer Tena Petix of the home where the 17 dogs were being kept.

"I was contacted by two of the neighbors because of the smell. Once it warmed up and the wind started blowing they couldn't go outside because of the stench," she said.

By the time Petix went to the home, she said the owners had given five of the dogs away. Petix did not charge the couple with neglect on the condition that they surrender the dogs. The owners turned over nine dogs and were allowed to keep three.

Some of dogs have noticeable defects, such as deformed mouths, legs and eyes, that Petix believes are a result of inbreeding.

According to Petix, the couple who lived in the house moved into a small camping trailer, still on the property, while the animals lived in the house.

"Along with hoarding animals they were also hoarding things. It's just like what you see on the TV show (HOARDERS)," she said.

"The man had some health problems and his doctor told him by no means to go back into the home because I guess he was aware. He had to be aware because the people smelled just like the dogs just like the home."

Petix said the couple moved their refrigerator outside in order to avoid going in the house.

Kennett code enforcement cited the couple for violating a city ordinance that prohibits residents from living in camping trailers.

Petix says seven of the nine dogs that were rescued have been placed in rescue shelters.

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