Repeat Cleats help those less fortunate play sports

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- Two years ago a high school freshman founded an organization to help those less fortunate play sports.

Rhonda Gibson with Repeat Cleats and More said she sees first-hand how playing sports can have a positive impact on a child's life so if a child can't afford the equipment, they have the opportunity to step in and help.

"We were going through all of his baseball things getting ready and decided that he had a ton of belts and stuff that he didn't even use, things that probably didn't fit for several years," she said.

Gibson said her son, Mason got the idea to give his old baseball gear away to kids who can't afford it.

"We just don't want a kid to not able to play a sport that they love due to that so if it's something we can actually contribute back to them then that's what we are here to do," she said.

Gibson said they collect mostly baseball gear but will pick up equipment for any sport.

"They donate cleats or gloves or bats or whatever it may be," she said. "Knowing that we are providing an opportunity to a kid that might not otherwise had that opportunity to play due to whatever financial situation the family may be in,"

She said they have been contacted numerous times by local groups.

"We've had churches contact us,we've had other coaches contact us, other parents contact us," Gibson told Region 8 News.

Gibson said they are currently in need of smaller sizes for kids. She said being able to help out kids who may be struggling financially makes her feel complete.

"Everybody has gone through their struggles in life, we all do and who is to say that there wont be more so knowing that you are actually helping a kid do something that they love," she said. "Putting a kid in sports builds them as a person into their adulthood."

They have 5 locations in Jonesboro where you can drop off equipment. Those locations are: Front Page Café, Pak Mail, NEA Batteries, Allcare Home Care or Joe's Tire and Auto Service.

You can also reach Rhonda Gibson at 870-530-6027.

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