PLWC warns customers about fraudulent email

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) – Paragould Light Water and Cable wants towarn their customers about a fraudulent email.

PLWC said their customers have received the following email:

" User

This mail is toinform all our valued customers that we are currently upgrading our Admindatabase, e-mail Center and expanding e-mail quota limit to 5.5 GB. Allincoming mails are currentlydelayed, you are required to upgrade your mail box and expand your e-mail quotalimit to 5.5 GB before you can continue to use your are required tocomplete your details below and send it to us.This information would berequired to verify and upgrade e-mail account to avoid being closed. Pleaseclicking on the reply button;

Full Name:
User Name:

Your account will remain active after you havesuccessfully confirmed your account to the monitoring Center.

Thanks for using our Email Services.
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PLWC said they will never ask for your username and password. Ifyou have received this email or have any questions feel free to call them at870-239-7700.

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