Family wants pit bull ban enacted in Randolph County

POCAHONTAS, AR (KAIT) - Residents in one Randolph County community say their neighbors pit bulls have terrorized them for years and are now working to ban the breed within the county.

The issue has appeared before the quorum court once already and one neighbor we spoke with hopes an ordinance is passed before someone gets hurt.

"Ever since we've lived here, we have grandkids, and we've never been able to let them out on their own," Betty White told Region 8 News. "If they go outside to play, we do it in the front yard and we can only swing. We cannot use our backyard, our big backyard to play ball or anything like that because we are afraid of the dogs."

White and her husband have lived on Bogey Drive just outside of Pocahontas for eight years. White explained her neighbor's pit bulls have terrorized not only her friends and family but many others who live in that area.

The most recent incident happened Monday morning when White said the dogs were running loose yet again.

"It came after one of our friends that was here and he got between the dogs and the other dogs they were chasing."

While no one was injured, White also believes the dogs could be responsible for killing several chickens in the area and might be behind the death of a neighborhood dog that Region 8 News reported on in early March. The lab was found dead roughly a half mile from where the pit bulls live.

The Randolph County Sheriff's Department warned residents of the incident out of concern of other pets and small children in the area.

"It's too close for comfort and I don't want my grandchildren or me or my husband or my neighbors to be affected by this," White said.

White told us a game camera on their property has captured photos of the dogs in their backyard on numerous occasions. While there is no leash law in the county, White is working to enact a different ordinance...banning pit bulls within Randolph County.

"We've just done our best to abide by the law, give them an opportunity to put their dogs up and they just haven't."

We requested the report filed Monday morning about the pit bulls. Randolph County Sheriff Gary Tribble said he could not release it to us at this time because it is under investigation but said he is in talks with the prosecuting attorney about the incident.

White said she and over a dozen others plan to attend the next quorum court meeting in regards to getting an ordinance on the books.

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