ASU students help NEA Humane Society while building portfolios

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-  A picture's worth a thousand words and one group in Region 8 certainly thinks so. The animals at the Northeast Arkansas Humane Society thought the "paparazzi" had arrived Tuesday.

Graphic design students at Arkansas State University spent their Tuesday morning clicking away, gaining experience photographing a live model and, more importantly, helping the NEA Humane Society get the "picture" out on what animals are looking for a family to love.

Assistant Professor at ASU, Kim Vickery, said, "good visual communication will help them in adopting out their animals. It also gives my students portfolio material so that when they go and look for jobs that they have really nice visual pieces."

ASU Senior Heather Gregson said, "I think that's our motivation for taking the pictures. Knowing that someone will see this and say oh, there's so many cute animals there that we should go pick up."

The pictures will be available to the NEA Humane Society.

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