More generous donations given to Miracle League of Jonesboro

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Construction on the Miracle League of Jonesboro is well underway and Tuesday night, the city secured more money for the $2.7 million project and secured some tasty treats as well.

The Miracle League has received some generous donations since fundraising began in 2011.

"It's an honor for me to be able to help and I can't wait to see it in action," State Representative John Hutchison said.

Hutchison allocated state General Improvement Funds to the Miracle League, a move Mayor Harold Perrin says he didn't have to do.

"They can give that to any project or anything in the area but we're very blessed that he gave us over $40,000 for the Miracle League," Mayor Perrin said.

Another recent fundrasing effort was an online bake sale and it raised more than your average amount of money for cakes and cookies.

"We ended up with 99 items. In one week, with an online bidding we raised about $4,700 dollars in one week," Sharon Turman with the Miracle League said at the meeting.

One hot item: Cooper's Cupcakes.

"Cooper bakes cupcakes, he's one of our Miracle League Ambassadors. Cooper's Cupcakes went for $200 for a dozen cupcakes," Turman announced.

Tuesday night, he baked another dozen for the Jonesboro City Council members.

Another resolution passed at the meeting benefits the Miracle League.

Aldermen approved using a half million dollar match grant for surfacing and equipment installation at the field. $250,000 comes from the federal government and the remainder comes from private donations.

Mayor Perrin hopes the Miracle League is completed in September.

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