Primary Mistakes Won't Return for November Elections

Jonesboro, AR-- Craighead County voting officials say Election Day problems with voting machines during the primaries six months ago are fixed, and counting votes should run smoothly for the elections.


Six months ago officials say a mistake of misplacing an oval you fill in with pencil on vote counters caused them to have to hand count some votes.  The mistake forced officials to stay up through the night in order to complete counting ballots.


Now officials say they have made sure ballot readers will work for this weeks election.  Officials from “Election Systems and Software” will also be on hand just in case.  “The company has assured us everything has been corrected,” County Clerk Nancy Neles says. “They even did a test run and everything turned out OK.”


Ballot counting machines in Craighead county can read up to 300 ballots a minute according to ES&S.  Ballots, including early voting ballots, will begin to be  counted shortly after polls close at 7:30 in the evening.