Hospital service allows patients access to records anytime

NEWPORT, AR (KAIT)- Harris Hospital has rolled out a new online portal that allows patients to access their hospital records at any time.

The Affordable Care Acts requires that all hospitals switch to some kind of online records system.

"They tell us that 75 percent of patients want access to their medical records online and we know that 85 percent of people use the Internet," said Rebecca Pearrow, director of marketing at Harris Hospital.

It only takes the click of the mouse to view your medical records.

"Their reports, their medication list, discharge instructions and you know that's very important when they go home for the continuum of care," Pearrow told Region 8 News.

Not only that. Patients can also request prescription refills and write messages to their doctor. Pearrow said logging on to your account is easy and safe.

"They sign on to the portal through a username and password and once they register for the portal they are sent through email access to that link," she said.

The patient portal mirrors an online banking website where the information is kept confidential and secure.

"It's important to maintain it like any other password, it is confidential, it's secure," Pearrow said. "Keep it in a safe place like you would a pin number for your bank."

The patient portal went live on March 4th.

"Now we not only have electronic medical records now our patients have access to their own records so that they can be a partner in their own health care," she said.

And if you are a caregiver, it also makes it easy to manage a loved one's records.

"Patients have the opportunity to assign a representative if they want that person to also be able to access those records, because there's situations where a loved one is taking care of an elderly patient," Pearrow said.

She said their goal is to sign up 50 percent of their patients and they are currently at 10 percent.

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