Police searching for suspect in Dollar General armed robbery

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – Police in Jonesboro are looking for a suspect after an armed robbery at a Dollar General store.

Police are investigating the armed robbery that happened on E. Highland just before ten o'clock Wednesday night.

According to the incident report, a man wearing black pants, a black jacket, a black beanie and large gold rim glasses came into the store.

An employee told police the man came up to the counter as a drawer was opened to do a count of the money. In a "calm, deep voice" the man asked the employee for all the cash in the drawer.

Employees then said the man took out a handgun, tapped it on the counter and asked for the cash again. The employees put the money in a bag along with a phone charger, the report stated.

The man then asked the employees to open a safe, but they said they were unable to open it.

The suspect then left the store with $380 after having the employees go into the office.

Police say surveillance video shows the suspect entering from behind the store, around the east corner. He also left the same way.

There are no known suspects at this time.

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