Popularity of electronic books changing traditional libraries

WALNUT RIDGE,AR (KAIT)-Patronsat the Lawrence County Public Library now have the option to use their librarycard for an online log in to rent e-books and download free music.

"The e-books are new to us,"said Library Director Ashley Burris."We're a little late on that wagon as faras libraries go but we're a small library, and their just now becoming more affordablefor us."

Burris said they beganreally looking into the option of e-books after the holidays.

"We had a lot of patronssaying they got e-readers and wanted to know if we offered e-books," she said.

Members have enjoyed thee-books because they don't have wait for others to return it.

"You can download multiplebooks at once, so there's not a waiting list," said Burris. "If the wholereading group wants to read it at once, they can all download it to theirdevices at the same time."

They still have several memberscome in wanting a traditional hard or paperback book, but they'll continue toprovide more of whatever is in demand.

"We have a set amount offunds and how we allocate those funds is going to be determined by the demand,"said Burris. "If there is less demand for physical books and more for theelectronic, than that's the way we're going to go."

Member, Samantha Gomes, isone of those who prefer a book in hand.

"I feel like it's a betterexperience with a book in your hand," said Gomes. "I think with a book in yourhand you're just more engaged in it."

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