Brookland mayor calls special meeting to respond to letter sent to city council

BROOKLAND, AR (KAIT) - Brookland Mayor Kenneth Jones wants police to find out who sent what he calls a "slanderous," anonymous letter to city council members.

Mayor Jones held a special meeting at Brookland City Hall Thursday night to address accusations directed towards him in the letter.

During the 11-minute meeting Mayor Jones first responded to the accusation that he knew his son Shannon was participating in illegal sexual activity involving minors.

Shannon was arrested in March, according to police, after they found evidence of child pornography at his home, and for attempting to meet with a 15-year-old boy for sex.  

"There's one thing in the letter that says I knew. I did not know and I would be a pretty poor person if I knew something like that and didn't step up to the police," said Mayor Jones while addressing the public.

The anonymous sender also accused the mayor of getting a personal loan from a plumbing contractor. Instead of repaying the loan, the mayor is accused of giving the contractor city business to repay his debt.

"I did take a personal loan from a friend last year. This loan was paid back in full with my money. I have never taken a bribe or given jobs to any contractor for money," he said.

According to Mayor Jones he used the $1,500 loan to pay for a vacation.

"I paid it back in less than a month I think because I was in the process of selling some property that I had."

At the meeting Mayor Jones also denied using his position to influence land rezoning and steering city business to AMSOIL where he works as a sales representative.

The mayor said he asked the Brookland Police Department to open an investigation to find the source of the letter.

"There could be some lawsuits out of this because this is slanderous information towards me and I have not done any of this." 

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