Red Cross Bucket Brigades

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Red Cross was out working hard today raising money around the streets of Jonesboro.

All around town you could spot the crews in the red vests raising money for what the organization stands for.

Northeast Arkansas Executive Director of the American Red Cross said today was the every red cent counts, campaign bucket brigade.

Knapp-Carver said, "The traffic is flowing, we've stayed pretty busy, we've got volunteers here at the corner of Red Wolf blvd. and Nettleton.  We've got a great group, we've had a lot of traffic and we're hoping to raise a lot of money for the American Red Cross today."

Knapp-Carver said that the most common disaster they deal with in the area are single family house fires and now that Winter is turning to Spring that is not the only thing they are dealing with.

Knapp-Carver said, "Our disaster teams were spending the entire day watching the storms that were coming through, making sure that our volunteers were on standby.  Our emergency response vehicles were on alert for the state, and we were making sure shelters were available should we need to open a shelter so yesterday we were in high gear."

Finally Knapp-Carver wanted to remind everyone to give, "While you may not see us out on the street every day, know that your American Red Cross is always busy in your community.  So when you see these volunteers out here with these red buckets asking you to please give... Please give."

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