Ripple effect of recall felt in Region 8 dealerships

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - With 2.6 million vehicles heading back to the dealer, the impact of the GM ignition switch recall is being felt even here in Region 8.

The actual fix for the problem is quick, but if your car is on the list, you may be waiting a while.

"Recalls have been out, it is the replacement of an ignition switch and it takes about two hours to repair," Service Advisor for Central Chevrolet Cadillac told Region 8 News.

Millions of cars, like the Chevy Cobalt, recalled for ignition switches that could shut off the car while driving and disable the airbag, power steering and anti-lock brakes.

"We've had a total of probably 30 or 40 calls on it," Adams said.

Though they've received numerous calls, they can't begin working on the cars with recalled ignition switches just yet.

"Currently there are no parts available at this time," Adams said.

Adams explained when the recall came out, the parts hadn't been manufactured yet.

"It is a nationwide recall and there's no telling how many is out there and though GM, although they are going to take care of the problem, they have to make the parts, they have to get the parts and they have to get a good part, they can't put the same car that was in there."

Adams said since it will be awhile before they or any dealership can get those correct parts in, if you drive one of the recalled vehicles, lose the key chains.

"The weight of the keys is actually creating a bearing on the ignition switches. We just recommend all customers at this point, until we get the parts to fix it with, use only just your ignition key in the ignition. If you're having a problem, if you are experiencing a problem, please give us a call, because we want to address it right away."

Adams said because the cars affected were older models, none of the cars on their lots are affected. GM has told dealerships they can expect those new parts to be shipped the week of April 14.

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