Ravenden woman warns residents about suspicious letter

RAVENDEN, AR (KAIT)- A Lawrence County woman wants to make sure you are not giving your money to someone unwillingly.

Tina Poteet received a card in the mail Thursday that said she won a $100 dollar gift card to Target or Wal-Mart.

"I do hope these people will stop targeting the people in my community," she said.

Poteet called the number on the card to claim her prize. She said the person on the phone knew her birthday, phone number and address. But they wanted something in return.

"Asked me for my debit card or credit card number to deduct $1.98 for handling fees," she said.

But Poteet had a better idea.

"I would be glad to give them a money gram from Wal-Mart or perhaps from Western Union  for the $1.98 that they were requesting," she said. "He insisted that he needed my debit card or credit card numbers and at that time I become quite leery."

So she hung up and called the Walnut Ridge Police Department and the attorney general's office. The AG's office told Poteet they had received a number of complaints about the letters.

"The attorney general's office did tell me that there were several other people who had called in with this exact same notification saying that they had won this prize," she said.

Poteet said she wanted to come forward to prevent someone from being taken advantage of.

"In doing this, we can keep someone from losing their hard earned cash,"  she said. "You know just about everybody is going to get a little bit excited to have an extra $100 to got to Wal-Mart."

Poteet said she doesn't want anyone to get hurt financially.

"We live in a poor community, the people here can't afford to be scammed," she said.

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