Peco Foods meets with city officials in Corning, Pocahontas

CORNING,AR (KAIT)- Pecoofficials received a warm welcome Monday as they visited both Corning andPocahontas to discuss the future of the plant and feed mill.

"A lot of people turnedout for this and it shows the excitement for the region," said Corning MayorDewayne Phelan. "We're looking forward to what Peco brings forward to us."

Residents of Clay County listenedto what opportunities this may bring to them, along with other communitymembers.

"We were hoping that theywould choose Corning because we've lost a lot of jobs and industry in the lastfifteen years," said Resident Mark Williams.

Mayor Phelan said it wasboth the potential and the people that sparked Peco's interest.

"They saw Corning and whatwe had to offer with our railroads, highway system and all the land between thetwo," he said. "They met people in the community they didn't know and justtried to get a feel of who they were going to deal with."

Resident, Scott Georgesaid he's looking forward to how Peco will affect Clay and Randolph Countieseconomy.

"It's going to have aripple effect on jobs and businesses in town," said George.

With 640 chicken housesthat will be built, it will provide opportunities to farmers in town.

"Those chicken houses needto be situated at least 50 miles of the feed mill," said Phelan. "Thatstretches out a long way and involves a lot of people throughout our region."

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