Delay in spring and the planting season

Delay in spring and the planting season

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Gardening may be something that you have held off on so far this year.

The delayed spring has had a few local companies see a shortage in business.

George Siebert with Mid-South Nursery said, "Well this of course is not the typical Spring we've had it seems like its taken a little bit longer for spring to come."

Siebert is not the only one saying that he has seen a delay in business though.

Larry Vickers with All Scapes Nursery said, "This winter has been exceptionally kind of bad this year, its been hard to kind of justify and get things ready, things have been a little bit slower this year.  We've been later bringing in a little bit of material this year, the Winter, it's just been crazy."

Vickers said that it isn't only the local businesses that are dealing with the delayed Spring

Vickers Said, "Of course a lot of the material that we have here now is a lot of new material that we've brought in.  One thing that I have noticed though by this weather being this wide spread. Even some of the vendors that we normally buy from, some of the things I've been looking at this year for Spring sales, they're sitting on some things that are on hold right now because even their material isn't looking as good as it would normally look this time of year."

Although some businesses are struggling with the cooler, wetter weather, others aren't seeing as much of a problem.

When George Siebert with Mid-South Nursery was asked if he was having problems with his plants he said, "Not for us, you see we have a green house for that, we have 21 greenhouses and we regulate growth, so when we want to grow by say the middle of this month, we'll have them.

Siebert said even with those green houses the winter took a toll on his business.

He's had to protect his green houses from round after round of winter weather.

Siebert said it's been a struggle keeping his plants from getting too cold.

With cooler weather in the forecast both say they're ready for Spring to finally bloom.

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