Veterans Gather Items for Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan

November 3, 2004 -- Posted at: 11:10pm CST

JONESBORO, AR - Larry Hill knows it doesn't take much to show troops fighting the War on Terrorism how much they are appreciated.

"Every last one of us, it's important, because what they are doing is for us," said Hill, a Dallas native who recently moved to Jonesboro.

Members of the Craighead County Veterans Monument Foundation are collecting candy, cash and lots of carbohydrates to send to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Head organizer Ted Pylant explained, "and it's ranged from one little girl brought out a chap stick, and we've had people bring out whole arm loads of stuff. One person brought a whole shopping cart full of stuff out."

Pylant received a thank you letter Wednesday from a soldier who is serving in Fallujah who recently received items like the ones being donated.

"It means an awful lot for people that are in harms way to know that people back home support them and care for them, and it's not the stuff so much as it is the thought of the thing," added Pylant.

It takes $20 to send the little something from home. So far between 1,200 and 1,500 boxes have made their way to the Middle East.

"...and we're just thankful that so many hundreds of people from here in this area are willing to buy stuff and donate it to be sent to troops," Ted Pylant said.

Larry Hill started his new job Thursday, after being unemployed for weeks. Although his cash donation was small, it will make a big difference in the effort to support our troops.

Hill explained, "If I can do just that little bit to help, then that's good."

If you would like to donate time, money or supplies to future care packages, contact Ted Pylant. His telephone number is 870-932-2268.