Local attorney surrenders law license

David Rees interview with KAIT in 2009
David Rees interview with KAIT in 2009

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – An attorney from Jonesboro has given up his license to practice law.

According to an Arkansas Supreme Court document released Thursday, David Rees voluntarily surrendered his law license by filing with the court on March 20.

The state accepted the surrender of his license in light of pending disbarment proceedings.

The court opinion stated in part that Rees "acknowledges that the many rules violations he is alleged to have committed likely would be proved at trial and would constitute serious misconduct as defined in section 17.B of the Arkansas Supreme Court Procedures Regulating Professional Conduct."

It was also stated that Rees wished to avoid "expense, stress, and publicity of disbarment proceedings."

The court stated Frank David Rees will be removed from the registry of attorneys in Arkansas.

To read the entire Arkansas Supreme Court document click here.

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