Pinwheels, a symbol for child abuse prevention

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- The Northeast Arkansas Children'sAdvocacy Center hosted their annual Pinwheels for Prevention on the CraigheadCourthouse Lawn Thursday.

"We actually saw 331children come through our center last year, and 135 of them received a sexualassault exam," said NEACAC Executive Director Kristy Nichols.

The pinwheels are symbolsof the many children in Northeast Arkansas that have been affected by childabuse.

"One pinwheel, one voice,one mission," said Nichols. "It's not just the Child Advocacy Centers mission,it's the whole community's job to make sure these children are protected."

Dawn McPike showed herrespects by planting a pinwheel after she saw firsthand the problem with childabuse in the area.

"People don't realize thishappens in our community and bringing awareness to the situation not onlyempowers the kids, but it helps empower our community so we can help prevent alot of the tragedies," she said.

John Hardin is a member ofthe Jonesboro Exchange Club and held a big role in getting the advocacy centerup and running. He said displaying the pinwheels not only honors the courage ofthese children that have come forward, but shows the community there is a placeto go for help.

For more information onthe Northeast Arkansas Children's Advocacy Center, click here.

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