9 year old needs help getting wheelchair accessible vehicle

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-  A 9 year old boy needs help getting where he wants to go.

April is National Mobility Awareness Month and Jackson Shepherd has been nominated in a national contest. Jackson was born with muscular dystrophy. His family can receive a handicapped accessible vehicle, if they get enough votes.

Jackson's mother, Autumn Shepherd, said, "the store, the zoo. You know, just a lot of places that you really don't think about when you have working legs, he can't go because somebody has to push him. Somebody has to get him in and out of the vehicle. There are things that most people probably wouldn't... probably would have made them bitter and he's always got a smile on his face, always. I mean he's always happy and he's just grateful to be here and he finds good in everything."

Autumn said they're forced to leave Jackson's motorized wheelchair at school because their current vehicle doesn't have a lift for it.

You can vote to help Jackson Shepherd here.

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