A Better Region 8: Helping to rebuild

This week, an organization doing great work in our community experienced a great loss.

A fire at Acts 5:39 in Paragould destroyed most of their building and the fire department is still investigating the cause.  Acts 5:39 is an after school ministry that provides meals, clothes and homework help to kids in the community.

Executive Director Chris Cowart says they have every intention to keep the ministry going and to rebuild.  But, they need raising money to repair the building.

A giving spirit is one of the things that makes Region 8 so special, so let's come together as a community and help this ministry get back on its feet.

Donating is easy. Log on to Acts539.com, click on the provide tab, or send a check to PO Box 1942, Paragould Arkansas 72541.  

Let's take a minute and help this non-profit in its time of need and make this a better Region 8.