Passwords to change due to 'heartbleed' security bug

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – Security experts are recommending you change your passwords to some major websites.

The advice comes after a flaw known as the "heartbleed" bug was revealed earlier this week.

Security researchers say potential hackers could exploit the flaw to access personal information stored in computer memory, including your email and passwords.

Some major websites, including Yahoo, Google, Facebook and YouTube have already taken steps to secure their sites.

However, experts say you can go ahead and change your passwords to those sites.

The recommendation is confirming some other sites have fixed the bug before you update your password because if it's not fixed, your new password could be compromised.

Tim Arwood, owner of PC Mobile in Jonesboro recommends the following to protect your information:

  • Get a password locker
  • Change passwords on a personal computer at least once a year; business computers once a month
  • Don't keep passwords in plain sight
  • Don't save passwords on computers. Type them in every time.

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